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Key Projects In Heilongjiang Province Mineral Exploration Results Become World-class Polymetallic Deposit

Xiamenshi Yadi Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2016

Recently was informed that, Heilongjiang province focus project--pine Ling District Cha junction Mo lead zinc more metal mine exploration project and was new progress, submitted reserves Mo metal volume 1.76 million tons, MO average grade 0.087%, low grade Mo metal volume 700,000 tons, MO average grade 0.048%, MO metal volume total about 2,466,775 tons; lead metal volume more than 10,000 more than tons, zinc metal volume 140,000 tons; silver metal volume 44 tons, a jump became world level more metal deposit.

The successful implementation of the project, thanks to the "geological prospecting ore, private capital, the State-owned enterprises to follow up" exploration of advanced mechanism. According to the project feasibility study, project design production capacity of mining and ore to 16.5 million tonnes/year, at current prices, could achieve annual output of 4.1 billion yuan, taxation of 970 million Yuan, 82.11 million Yuan compensation for mineral resources, direct placement of approximately 1500 people, and indirect placement of 3000 people, is of great strategic importance for economic and social development of daxinganling. At present, the feasibility study of the project has been organized by the provincial development and Reform Commission provincial project assessment centres have been approved and submitted to the State development and Reform Commission.

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