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Chin Hang-metallogenic Belt In The Establishment Of 7 Main Metal Deposits Metallogenic Series

Xiamenshi Yadi Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2016

Recently, Geological Survey Research Centre Xu Deming, the newest build of Wuhan Chin-hang metallogenic belt in 7 main metal deposits metallogenic series.

Chin-hang metallogenic belt, which winds through South-Central in southern China, southern China was the most important copper-lead-zinc-gold, tungsten-Tin-bismuth-molybdenum and iron-manganese-sulphur polymetallic ore belt, belonging to the tectonic uplift and two ancient China blocks in neoproterozoic mosaic formed by collision of palaeo-plate belt. In this article about 2000-kilometer, wide 100~300 km on the metallogenic belt, medium and large deposits of proven over more than 400 sites. In recent years, also has discovered and evaluated the liushutang lead and zinc ore, Tin Tin Tin, beads top copper-molybdenum deposit, highly passionate lead-zinc-silver, Pan long lead-zinc mine, she Dong tungsten and molybdenum ores and other large deposits.

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